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ABOUT GWENDOLYN FAYE: An artist, designercoach, and entrepreneur, Gwen discovered her poetic grace in her 40s. “The Fine Art of Caring” is her first collection of poetry. “Let Me Explain” is its soundtrack, and “Mystery Solved” its devotional. She calls it a lyrical profile of her life of love. In it, you will find tributes to her family, her friends, her loves and her God. Each piece leads the reader through a personal, yet universal, experience of and quest for love in its many forms.

ABOUT MYSTERY SOLVED: “Mystery Solved” is Gwendolyn Faye’s breakthrough poem, and you can find it published in “The Fine Art of Caring” poetry collection and on the “Let Me Explain” album on iTunes and other streaming services. She wrote it a week into a 40-day television fast.

The “Mystery Solved” poetic devotional shares the story of her poetic origins and leads you through your own 40-day journey to answer four key questions about the mystery of your divine identity: 1) Who do you think you are?, 2) What’s in your hand?, 3) What is this dream that you have?, and 4) Why sit there until you die?

ABOUT 40 DAYS OF DEVOTION: This online Bible study group is hosted by Gwendolyn Faye. It includes inspired commentary, scriptural references, theme songs, poetry, videos…and more from Gwen and like-minded members. Purchase the “Mystery Solved” poetic devotional, join the Facebook group, and take the journey! Read the comments on previous posts, add your insights, and Share with friends.

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