Gwendolyn Faye,

Soothing. Breathtaking. Riveting. These are just a few of the words used to describe Gwendolyn Faye. A poetic neophyte, “The Fine Art of Caring” is her first collection of poetry, and “Let Me Explain” is its soundtrack. She calls it a lyrical profile of her life of love. In it, you will find tributes to her family, her friends, her loves and her God. Each piece leads the reader through a personal, yet universal, experience of and quest for love in its many forms. Gwen has also penned, “Mystery Solved”, a poetic devotional based on “The Fine Art of Caring”. It chronicles her journey to becoming a poet at the age of 41 and leads readers through their own personal, 40-day journey.

Influenced by the likes of Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee, you will hear in her writing the rhythm of an era that chronicled Black life and love and that has colored the American landscape. But it does not stop there. You will also hear familiar spiritual themes that she makes refreshingly relevant to every audience. Her southern roots and northern upbringing are threads that weave through the entire collection.

Gwendolyn Faye has performed in Georgia, Alaska, and Washington where she was a part of the Speak Your Soul poetry group. She is also the creator of “Poetry in Motion”, a workshop and movement to inspire young people to read and write poetry. It was originally conducted for the Anchorage School District in Anchorage, Alaska. “Poetry in Motion Interactive” is a practical and fun tool for parents and educators. Gwendolyn Faye is committed to cultivating a love of the arts and igniting a spark of creativity in children of all ages.

She is a Georgia Peach and military brat, born in Columbus, Georgia when her father was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia. She grew up in Gary, Indiana, on the East Coast in Aberdeen, Maryland and Arlington, Virginia, and spent over twenty years of her life in Anchorage, Alaska where her parents, sister and niece still reside. She is the mother of one handsome, adult son and wife to Ron Witherspoon.

“Let Me Explain” is the title track on the “Let Me Explain” album.

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