Poetry in Motion

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I have certainly seen an increased level of excitement across the board. When Gwendolyn was here, they could not wait to get up in front of the class and read their writing. And that has carried over into other areas of their studies. It is such a wonderful process to witness.

– Mary Gerrard, Anchorage School District

“Poetry in Motion” is an experience designed to inspire and motivate students to read and, especially, write poetry. It is an exciting, practical and fun interactive tool for parents and educators interested in cultivating a love of the arts and igniting a spark of creativity in children of all ages.


  • Impactful Poetic Performances
  • Simple Writing Exercises


Students learn firsthand the power of the written word when they see their work in print.


  • Share student work with the community as a fundraiser
  • Host a book signing
  • Release a new generation of writers!

About the Poetry in Motion Program