Soothing. Breathtaking. Riveting. These are just a few of the words used to describe Gwendolyn Faye. A poetic neophyte, The Fine Art of Caring is her first collection of poetry, and Let Me Explain is its soundtrack. She calls it a lyrical profile of her life of love. In it, you will find tributes to her family, her friends, her loves and her God. Each piece leads the reader through a personal, yet universal, experience of and quest for love in its many forms. Gwen has also penned, Mystery Solved, a poetic devotional based on “The Fine Art of Caring”. It chronicles her journey to becoming a poet at the age of 41 and leads readers through their own personal, 40-day journey.

“[Gwen Faye] is an angel dropped to the earth so we could hear His voice through hers in a way we can understand.” – E. Larkins, Tacoma, WA

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