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40 Days to Breakthrough

"Born Again, Poet" is the bonus track on "Let Me Explain", the poetic soundtrack to my first collection of poetry, "The Fine Art of Caring".
Every major milestone in my life was reached by a seismic creative breakthrough.
I went through a rebranding phase in 2015 that took over a year. Life comes in seasons, and I knew that my "summer break" was going to be over soon. It had been a wonderful time of ease. I wasn't in a hurry for it to end, but it was most definitely coming. I couldn't avoid it. So, in my "mature" state, I set out to take inventory of my dreams, my businesses, my skills, and my experiences. I couldn't have known it would take this long. After all these months, I'm learning that breakthrough comes in seasons too. If you follow me in social media, you would have noticed a barrage of requests to Like an unusual volume of Pages. It was just me finding my voice and attempting to finish some worthy projects I started. Thankfully, technology has advanced to the point where all of my "walls", "hard places", and "stumbling blocks" are being disintegrated. You could describe it as a cycle...assess, revise, update, share...repeat. It has all led to one colossal discovery. Every major milestone in my life was reached by a seismic creative breakthrough. Becoming a poet. Launching a crochet revival. Founding a global scale miniatures portal. Discovering a jewellery-making obsession. There is literally a path from each of those markers in my history that has brought me to myself. And it started with a 40-Day television fast that aligned me–first–with my divine design and my God. I feel like I've been born again and again and again. The 2015 "rebranding" ushered in a clarity of purpose like no other. I was created to solve the problem of identity–starting with my own. Everything I put my hands to going forward will be for that purpose alone, and it has to include art, technology, and music. What about you? Are you having an identity crisis? Do you need a breakthrough? Consider setting out on your own "40-Day" journey. You have an open invitation to get a copy of Mystery Solved (I share my poetic testimony) and join my 40 Days of Devotion group on Facebook!